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Live Rock
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Tonga Fusion Live Rock - FREE 3-Day Shipping!
Scientific Name Scleractinia 
Care Level Beginner 
Minimum Tank Size 25 gallons 
Light Level Low-High 
Water Flow Medium Intermittant 
Range Tonga 
Supplements Calcium  
Size Class
Curator's Note
We recommend that every marine aquarium utilize Live Rock for either filtration or decoration. Most fish-only aquariums today are really FOWLR (fish only with live rock) tanks. The benefits to all fish and invertebrates is well documented and some sensitive fish like dwarf angels have a very hard time surviving in captivity without Live Rock present in the aquarium.
Tonga Fusion live rock is the most porous and lacey of the various Tonga rock types. It is also characterized by an abundance of various macro and micro organisms found on the surface of the rock.

Live rock is the basis for most aquaria today. It has for years been associated with reef tanks but we know now that every marine aquarium will benefit from the addition of live rock. Most live rock is sold in two basic categories: base live rock and display quality live rock. Tonga live rock is back after years and is considered to be the PREMIER display live rock on the market.

The display rock of choice has changed over the years. Tonga is the traditional go-to place for the best quality live rock available in the Pacific. It is created from ancient coral skeletons which gives it extreme porosity as well as keep the actual weight low. You could, for example, buy a 45 pound box of Tonga live rock and it would take up the same volume in your tank as 80 pounds of much more dense Fiji live rock. Tonga live rock is also some of the freshest rock available due to the short travel time and limited cargo space available. It never sits around and collects flies.


So how does this rock get to you?

Once we receive your order, you will be contacted to arrange for shipping. There are two options available. We ship small orders of one or two boxes via FedEx. By default, we will price out FedEx Express Saver which is a three day service.

FREE EXPRESS SAVER SHIPPING! For a limited time only so order soon!

Because of the packing techniques in Tonga as well as our own techniques, the Live Rock does exceptionally well with this travel time and the cost savings in freight is worth it in many people’s minds. We also offer 2nd Day and Standard Overnight from FedEx.

The second option is to use an air freight service. For orders over two boxes this is really the least expensive way to go. We contract with most airlines and can find the cheapest and best flight to your local airport. This process is usually faster than FedEx as well. The drawback is that you will have to drive to the airport to pick the rock up on the day it arrives. You would then pay the airline directly for the freight. The charge varies based on the actual air line but typically runs between $0.35 and $0.85 per pound with a 100 pound minimum.

You will have the choice of which method to use once you check out. You will not be charged anything for shipping at the completion of your order. A representative will call you to inform you of what the charges are and, if you have chosen to use a FedEx service, those charges will be added to your invoice. We have one of the best discounts in the industry from FedEx, and we will always charge you the exact shipping amount, nothing more.

Below is a table of shipping charges for a single 45 pound box of Tonga live rock to various cities across the US. This will give you a basic idea of what to expect.

1 44lb BoxFedEx Express SaverFedEx 2nd DayFedEx Standard Overnight
New York, NY$60.00$77.00$96.00
Chicago, IL$53.00$74.00$94.00
Houston, TX$47.00$70.00$89.00
Denver, CO$34.00$44.00$84.00
San Francisco, CA$29.00$33.00$78.00
San Diego, CA$19.00$22.00$44.00
We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays only regardless if you choose to use FedEx or air freight.

NOW SHIPPING!! Get your orders in before this last batch sells out!

Sorry, we cannot ship any free livestock items with live rock.
Item #   Description  
Stock Status
024908   Tonga Fusion Live Rock - FREE 3-Day Shipping!, 45LBS, TONGA
* Due to availability and individuality of each species, colors and sizes may vary.
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