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"I received my order this morning. This was the second order I got from you, last one about a year ago. Everything was as described and appeared very healthy. Love the acclamation pack...Just thought you would like to hear from a satisfied customer and say thanks for the great job you do. I will be ordering again in the near future. Thanks..."
- Carl

"Just wanted to drop a quick email and let you know how awesome the total experience of buying fish from Blue Zoo Aquatics was. I have purchased some fish and corals from a few other online places, and while the experience was never really bad, it wasn't something that made me want to let them know it was great either. However, first the communication and follow up to specific questions I had was really good customer service. The box with my fish was packed incredibly good, then of course, most importantly my fish were in great shape and just beautiful specimens. I appreciated the easy to read acclimation instructions as well as Blue Zoo sending the necessary basic tools to help acclimate. Overall just a good experience and you will definitely have a repeat customer. Thank you!"
- Dan

"I found the perfect place for all my saltwater tank needs!!. I just received my fed - ex shipment and extremely happy!!! packaged perfectly and alive. Great size and great colors. The starfish is amazing in not only color but size as well. Can't wait to add to my tank.

Thank you again, i look forward to making future purchases from Blue Zoo. "
- Margaret

"I received my livestock order on Thursday and everything looks great. The longnose butterfly and tomini tang both were larger than I expected and healthy looking. The bubble coral is outstanding. I am a biology teacher and these animals are on display in my classroom, that coral is fascinating the kids. Thanks for doing great job on packing the animals and for sending healthy specimens. This is my 4th order with you guys and it won't be the last."
- Rob

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the packaging and the specimen selected in my purchase. The included stress formula, Drip acclimation, and sample of your reef blend food was such a great bonus. Your packaging was done very nicely as well. I work at Aquatics Unlimited here in Wisconsin and we get fish shipped in all the time. I have to admit I was very impressed with this order. I would like to do a Internet review. Please let me know where those comments can be placed. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business in the future."
- Jonathan

"Once again I want to thank you for such great service. Everything arrived in great shape and all are doing well in our tank. I really enjoy doing business with you.

Thanks for everything "
- Mike

"I just received my order and am blown away. Your packaging and everything was top notch. The kuiters leopard I ordered is one of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with everything. I feel very fortunate to have this fish.

Thanks for a great experience, cant wait to do it again sometime. thank you so much "
- Brett

"Hi I just received my package yesterday. I just wanted you to know that is the best service I’ve gotten from any company in recent history. All of the specimens are flawless and the pack job was very well done. The drip tube was the icing on the proverbial cake. I will be a return customer for sure. "
- Josh

"I have been a salt water hobbyist for about 30 years...I got my 1st order from you today and all I have to say is GREAT JOB

I hve been using Dr Foster/Smith...althought thier service is good... your service/instuctions/delivery is awesome...as well as you beat them on price...I look forward to ordering more items...I may even be able to afford to setup a additional system...Thanks "
- John

"Blue Zoo Aquatics has outdone itself by delivering a beautiful & healthy rare Naoko's Fairy Wrasse! I've been dealing with them for quite some time now and the quality and service are outstanding! Be sure to check out the Collector's Choice items as I was surprised to find one there and at a surprisingly low cost. BZA provides an excellent acclimation kit for using the drip method, which I highly recommend. After following this my fish has been active within two days and is considered a very sensitive fish to ship."
- Billy

"The Zoo rocks I got were good size and healthy, the Mushroom rocks had the right amount of polyps on them. I like the fact that alot of the rock is "purpled up" already. Clowns/Boxfish/Scallop were all healthy. The FREE Yellow Tang is healthy and bigger than i had anticipated, you assume when its free that it would be a tiny guy but this one is a good looking adolescent Tang.

I like the fact that you can order things different sizes and it tells what size or how many something is. That way your not surprised when something shows up not meeting expectation. Its nice that it shows whether an item is in stock or not. The free shipping and free gift is always a good thing as well.

I was recommended by a friend to check you guys out and this is my second order and i am pleased with my dealings with you. I have ordered from alot of places and most of them leave me feeling "let down". Keep up the good work and you will have a long-time customer here."
- Zac

"Thanks for working with me to add to my existing order! I just finished acclimating my livestock shipment from Blue Zoo & everything looks awesome, as usual! You’re the BEST!"
- Holly

"Just wanted to say thank you for my order! I had to make some last minute changes and everything turned out great. The livestock is doing great. Is nice and healthy and look great.

Thanks and I will def be ordering again "
- Justin

"Hi - I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the fantastic fish you sent me. Everything arrived alive and in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier with my order. The long-nosed butterfly is the most beautiful specimen I've ever owned, and the mandarin goby is probably the most beautiful fish I've ever seen in my life, period.

At any rate I've left you a few positive reviews on the Internet, and I hope to order from you again soon. Thanks! "
- Bernie

"Thanks again!! You guys are great relative to that personal touch! I have bought a fair amount of livestock from LiveAquaria, and by contrast, they will do absolutely nothing out of their “standard process” for their customers, even ones who spend large amounts of money which I have done with them. Keep up the good work!!"
- Bob

"We ordered our very first fish from Blue Zoo and i gotta say i was impressed with how it was all done especially like the acclimation pack they sent with the fish!! I would definetely recommend ordering from here! I love the sailfin tang we ordered from here"
- Ryan

"Thanks for the Great SERVICE! on my order. All the fish arrivied in great shape. "
- Christ

"We got our Powder Blue Tang and corals this morning, and Anne and I are totally impressed with your service and the quality of the livestock. We were impressed with the detailed instructions and the drip tube. We have received shipments from other retailers and livestock from our local pet shop, and never have we had such detailed education. Thanks for the great fish, coral, and support."
- Ken & Anne

"I just wanted you to know your Blue Zoo Mix fish food is awesome...I found an old packet of the stuff that you include to make sure our fish have the best chance to acclimate...well I have a lyretail anthias female and she never eats pellets or flakes...only frozen....well I put some of the Blue Zoo Mix in the tank and she was all over it...as well as the rest of the fish from the green Chromis to the Blue Hippo Tang...they all love it...thanks for such a great product."
- Kenn

"Received the maxima clam its beautiful! Color just as pictured, thank you"
- Carol

"Just a note to thank you for the excellent quality of stock, packaging and service on my recent order. Everything arrived in great shape without any issues. I definitely will be ordering more from your company in the future. "
- Mike

- Larry

"just want to say i received my order yesterday.one huge clowntrigger,one greenbubble tip anemone,one saddle anemone,one clarkki anemone fish.and today, the clarkki is living in the saddle anemone already,and i have a goldstripped maroon clownfish that i bought in 04,and it living in the bubble tip anemone.it always hid in a cave, in the rock work.its nice to see it out now.by the way im glad tke saddle is green and white stripped, was what i wanted,as i did not say as i was ordering.lucky.all anemones are big and healthy.and the clowntrigger is beautiful,bright colors and very fat.

i have been in the hobby for seventeen years and ordered from every online dealer,and traveled to every petstore, and i must say bluezoo cannot be beat for customer service.(THANKS MARK,AND GREG) it was well worth the wait,as the weather has been terrible here and fedx was not able to deliver for awhile.and you guys held my order to besafe,very thoughtful of the livestock by the way,most online dealers would have sent them anyway because the bottom line is the sell! and bluezoo is about the health of the animals.

thanks again,and i am one very happy loyal customer. "
- Will

"Fish and coral arrived as scheduled all alive and in good shape. And, the 2 file fish were included. Thank you for the extra service sir, I do appreciate it. I have them acclimating as I write. I just wanted to write a short note to tell you how happy I am with the livestock and the exceptional service you provided. BTW, FedEx now has an automated notification system up and running. When a "hold for pickup"order is checked in at the final destination the notification system is automatically activated. It sure will eliminate human error. Now if they can just get the city and street pronunciation right....

Thanks a bunch, "
- Larry

"hey guys i just received my shipment.. wow...! so far everything looks healthy. thanks for everything. it was worth the wait. "
- Steve

"We received our first order from your site and cannot say enough about your service and the quality of the animals. The packaging arrived very neat and organized, with all the animals very healthy. One of the animals purchased was an Electric Blue Knuckle crab. Tonight he was putting on quite the show for us, and I have included a photo that I took of him, what a beautiful crab. My husband and I will be doing more business with you in the near future. We have a fish arriving on Friday and can't wait."
- Dianne

"I buy a lot of livestock from all over the place, but I never stop to say thanks. That 9 inch Acropora that arrived today..... Sweet! Feel free to order more XX sized Acropora corals because I'll be all over them. If, I miss something "grand" in your Collector's section (future), feel free to send me an email.

Thanks again! "
- Allan

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I received the fish shipment without any problems.

Thanks again to Mark, Mike and Greg for all their help in answering my questions over the phone.

I'm looking forward to doing more business with Blue Zoo in the future. "
- Colin

"Order came in great, so far so good… Acclimated for 2+ hours, feed existing fish in tank, new arrivals began eating the leftovers when introduced to tank.

You are my new source for fish. "
- Tim

"Thank you for all the assistance rendered by your exceptionally well informed, courteous and professional staff.

Special thanks to the Gentleman in customer services for his assistance and help and also the curator for choosing fish that are in the best condition and health, this exceeds all expectations.

I shall make certain that all my future online purchases for fish be from Blue Zoo Aquatics.

Once again may thanks for your time and help. "
- Terrance

"Hello~ I just received my very first online order and am thrilled. Everything is doing well and looks good. I have to pat you all on the back....the packaging was A+ and I will be ordering again."
- C.

"received order on time and am very satisfied!!! only a single hermit appears to have not made the trip.

all have acclimated well and are feeding bubble anemone has already hosted my clown looking forward to my next order "
- Andy

"Hi again, I just wanted to say I received my shipment at 12:00 noon. Everything appeared to be fine. I wanted to say thanks for the great deal, fast, free, shipping and a 10% discount, and to top it off everything appears healthy. Next time I will surely order from you all again. Thanks."
- Jim

"All I want to say is that you guys rock . I have dealt with other online aquarium suppliers and no one comes close to the quality and price .You are even better than my local fish stores. Way better . I think for all my supplies and livestock I need not go anywhere else. If I had a vote for best aquatics suppliers you are number one. My fish arrived on time in great shape and all the fish and corals are eating and doing great. Thanks again for such great service and great product "
- Kenn

"I wanted to let you know I received my first shipment of livestock from Blue Zoo on Tuesday. Everything arrived happy and healthy, very nicely sized corals! Your prices were outstanding. No issues with shipping. I will not hesitate to order from you again."
- Laura

"I just wanted to let you all know how much I love your corals and what you guys do. Thank you for growing such nice pieces. Thanks again."
- Brandon

"hello bluezoo guys & gals, just received my livestock order today, it was the first time ordering from you, it probably won't be the last, the Personifer Angel you sent me is an incredible specimen, it's been about 8 hrs & she is already totally acclimated to my tank & EATING almost whatever i feed her. that is impressive, usually marine angels are finicky eaters & shaky shippers but this one is acts as if she's been in my tank for years, so thank you very much for that. "
- Sal

"Just a note to tell you all the fish and crabs arrived in San Juan alive and well, around 11:00 am local time.

I am very pleased with your service. I am also very impressed with your web page set-up. ( It all seems very efficient and user-friendly ! )

I find your "free-shipping" policy particularly convenient, and puts your site as #1 for me for any future orders ! "
- Jose

"This shipment came in perfect. Nice corals Thanks. "
- Jim

"This is a courtesy note to inform you my order arrived in excellent shape.

All have been introduced to their new home and are doing well this morning. I want to thank you for the nice, choice specimens that you selected. We will endeavor to give them the proper attention. "
- Gene

"The order arrived and in great condition, folks. The Acreichthys tomentosus is in great shape, and happily buzzing around the quarantine aquarium investigating everything. Looking forward to getting into the 180. The order was very well packed, and the extra acclimation/instruction/food packet was a great touch. Please, keep up the good work! "
- Ray

"Omg!! Thank you guys!!..I cant believe what I received!!!! I got way beyond what I had expected!..An actual "piece" of the reef with all the natural occurring organisms from the Solomon Islands!...The polycarpa auratas are amazing!!! I feel like I have stolen from you guys!..You guys can have my cat if you'd like?..[=...Sincere thanks. "
- Michael

"Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome Tesselata Moray. It is a beautiful specimen and arrived in great condition. This was my first purchase from Blue Zoo Aquatics, but definitely won't be my last."
- Dan

"Thanks for such a nice order....especially the large Idol. I used to be able to buy that size at a local fish store, but the store went belly up, and this is the first nice sized Idol I've seen since then. "
- Doug

"I'm a newbie to your site, and just placed my first order this week. The livestock arrived this morning on time, healthy, and active!! Thank you so much for the great service and quality product. I will definitely be a repeat customer."
- Brian

"I just completed and received my first order from Blue Zoo Aquatics. While waiting for my order, I contacted customer service asking them for a special livestock request. They definitely accommodated my request and the animal arrived alert in good health and on time as promised. Their packing was well done and in the package included an acclimation guide and kit.

All in all I will definitely order from them again in the future and would recommend them to any of my friends. "
- Peter

"I have ordered twice from you in the past two weeks. Do I have any regrets? Only that I didn't buy all my corals from BZA. In each case the corals were larger and more colorful than I expected. Everything was described accurately on your website, packed securely for shipping, and arrived in perfect shape. All the corals looked at home within a day. "
- Al

"Hello, I received my first order today from blueZoo. I ordered 3 tangs & 1 clownfish. Normally I don't respond to business deals, but I have to say that I'm very pleased with my fish... Very good quality! I could not have got this from the local reef shop. Thank you for selling good quality livestock."
- Harold

"just wanted to say thank you for the order you sent all inverts arrived healthy this morning my 2 tomato clowns already made a home in the anemone which is starting to fill out will be making many orders in the future with you for the great service you provide. "
- Bill

"I received the order this morning, and am happy to say that everything was correct and the animal had been acclimated and are already doing a great job on cleaning up.

There was one DOA, one of the Sally Lightfoot Crabs did not survive the shipping. Still, with the shear number of critters that came this package, I feel this single loss is a great overall success rate.

Thanks for the great service and quality! "
- Scott

"Guy – Congrats on having your stuff together. I am extremely happy I took the chance of buying marine fish over the internet. I received my fish the day after placing the order, and they are as large as promised and in perfect condition.

I look forward to buying another fish very soon, and have recommended you to my tank consultant. Great job. "
- Mark

"I just wanted to send an email thanking Blue Zoo Aquatics for my recent order. Everything arrived looking healthy and in great condition. The lyretail anthias ate right away. This is my second order from Blue zoo and it wont be my last. My 2 orders were packed fantastic! Heat packs were still warm(which was great as it was 25 degrees out in Maine when the package arrived) You guys are my exclusive livestock dealer! Thank you so much for your wonderful livestock and service!"
- Nathan

"Even though my Saturday delivery didn't arrive until Monday AM due to a winter storm in-route (FedEx/Memphis), and although the temp in Michigan never got above freezing -- the Watanabei Angelfish arrived Alive and appears to be doing quite well... I would have bet against that! Obviously, your quality packaging and extra heat packs made all the difference.... Thanks!"
- Clay

"Just wanted to say i was very happy with my recent order and look forward to my next order from BZA."
- Adam

"Just want to say thanks for all the help on the phone today. You really spent the time to make me feel comfortable about my first internet order. I look forward to receiving my first internet shipment on Friday, after two years of keeping corals and fish. Thanks again and please pick me some good ones."
- Tom

"Hi Mark good news back on Sept 16th I purchased two bubble tips a medium and a large well today (10/9/09) at about 7:30pm(est) the large bubble tip started to split! I got all the water paramaters are right on :) Yous at Blue zoo definitely sell top quality specimens! I am looking forward to making more purchases in the near future! Many thanks for the great specimens I have purchased and the great support for the questions I've asked yous "
- Chris

"So I recieved my order and everything looked great! I'm very impressed with the corals and fish. I am very impressed with your shipping time and quality of live stock. I look foward to future business. "
- Juan

"the Flame Hawk and large Yellow Watchman I received earlier this week are doing great, and the Yellow Watchman has already moved in with the Tiger pistol shimp I already had."
- Terry

"I am writing to express my gratitude towards the excellent service and price from your company. I received the saltwater fish I ordered on November 18. I have ordered through other previous saltwater online distributors and I was not please. My fish were not healthy and I did not like their return policy. However I read your and was very impressed. Your prices are excellent and I will inform others to visit you site. I also was please with the amount to purchase and receive free FedEx delivery. I have had to purchase over $ 200 just to get free delivery. Thank you again and I wish you and your staff a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas."
- Angela

"Just wanted to let you know I received the Fed Ex order with the turbo snails and shells right on time, and everything looks great! I am very happy with how well the snails seemed to have shipped, and I am particularly impressed with the "care package". The instructions were very clear and detailed, and including a drip line set-up is the best idea EVER:) It was something I was a little worried about messing up, but the whole process wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. To be honest I was expecting the snails to be in a bag of water, like you would get at the LFS, so I was surprised to see them wrapped snugly in a drenched paper towel. However, your expertise at shipping live creatures was immediately apparent when I saw how precisely it was packed. It was amazing to see the snails "wake up" as if from a little hibernation, and begin to look alert. These snails seem to have a personality, the way they peek out from the shell and wave their tentacles about, they are really cute! I haven't bought any livestock online before but now I would actually prefer to get livestock online; I can see that its actually much healthier and less stressful for them. I will definitely be a repeat customer, and was very impressed at the proffesional way in which you took care of everything. Thanks! "
- Katie

"Dear Blue Zoo: Just wanted to let you know, received shipment yesterday and corals are great but the BTA is really in good shape and seems to be adjusting wonderfully. Thank you again for a great service. "
- Victoria

"I want to thank Kris and all of the other staff that helped me get my new corals. It is freezing here and the coral was in water that was almost exactly my tank temp. The catalinas picks are jewels wating to polish up. It has been my pleasure doing business with ya'll."
- Trey

"thank you i got the inverts everything got here alive and doing very well i had a better experience with you and i will order from your company again "
- Mike

"Dear Blue Zoo, Another great transaction with you guys! There is a reason we only do business with you. "
- Jonathan

"Received this morning in perfect condition. Nice and warm and dry. Acclimation almost complete. Everything is looking great. Thank you, Mike."
- James

"Just wanted to let you guys know that my shipment arrived in awesome condition. The heat packs worked wonderfully(It was around 10degrees here last night). It was like I picked this stuff up from a LFS. Everything was active in the bags when I opened the box and the snails came to life as soon as I added some water to them."
- Darth Reefer

"Just a little positive feedback. I received my order on tuesday this week and it included some inverts along with a powder blue tang. The powder blue is one of the most beautiful specimen's I have ever purchased. No sign of any disease, he's eating well and in perfect condition. I was worried I would get one with a few white spots which would most likley indicate ich, however, no such sign exists! thank you very much! keep up the good service! "
- Tanner

"I buy corals from a lot of different websites, but when it comes to acroporas. You always seem to have the prettiest, largest, and cheapest corals on the internet. The prostrata that you sent me the other day is awesome and doing very well. Also, I couldn't have asked for a better pair of blue striped clown fish! They are already hosting in a large neon green carpet anemone and they look great! I've been going through "withdraws" in the past couple of months, because of your move, and the lack of corals on the site. I'm looking forward to all the new corals in the future!! :-)"
- Dave

"I recieved my order today, it was perfect! shipping,packaging, and most important, the live stock was beautiful in size and health and colour..Thank You and your staff.Fantastic! "
- Ron

"Thank you Mark! You guys are by far the best online retailer I have had the pleasure of doing business with!"
- Steve

" Hello Just a note to say thanks for the recent order sent to me. All the live stock arrive ok and in good shape and are doing well. "
- Roger

"Just a quick note to let you know all five fish in my two orders arrived safely today. They are all in fantastic condition_ don't even look like they were shipped from CA just yesterday. They all acclimated beautifully and ATE when food was offered just 5 hours after settling into their new tank. Many thanks for a great job! The Blue Devil is awesome!!!"
- Gary

"WOW I am SO impressed with your company! I will never again buy from my local fish stores. My Hippo Tang for example, I have never seen such a beautiful vibrant blue anywhere! He was eating within hours of me acclimating him. He got a pretty nasty cut from trying to swim between some of my rocks and that didn't slow him down one bit. He is almost fully healed and doing great. I am also impressed with the way you ship your livestock. I can tell the people who shipped my animals to me really cared bout them. The newspapers were neatly put in the box and all the bags were tightly closed and bagged multiple times. There was even a black bag around each bag to minimize stress. The acclimation kit was awesome, and I will acclimate all my new purchases using the drip method. I could go on, but I know you're busy. Thank you so much for shipping me healthy quality animals. I will most certainly, without a doubt order from you again! "
- Jennifer

"I just gave my fish their 3rd meal of your food since I received it. Even my shyest fish go CRAZY for it. It's GREAT!!! Good job, you got even my most lazy eaters to go bonkers. "
- Sharon

"I am very pleased with the livestock I received from you. I was a little nervous placing such a large order as a first time order with Blue Zoo but I am glad I did. The animals look healthy and well cared for. I am pleased with the mushrooms, coral and inverts also. I really liked the good size of the shrimp. The last group of shrimp I purchased from another on-line Co. were very small and did not do well. Thank you, I will certainly order from Blue Zoo again! "
- Leesa

"The order was perfect. The little fish is soooo cute and is holding his own. Thanks"
- Eileen

"I recently placed an order and I have to say I was impressed! I have ordered from both LiveAquaria and the former MarineDepot Live and am far more impressed with Blue Zoo Aquatics. My fish were all fat and very healthy. Additionally, the included an acclimation kit was a icing on the cake. My fish are already eating and doing very well. Thanks again!"
- Tom

"I just unpacked my order and am now acclimating everything. I was very happy with the order. The packing was the best I had ever seen and the corals were all bigger than I thought they would be. They are super nice pieces and will look great in my reef tank! Thanks for the great order. Hope to be ordering some fish from you in a few weeks too! "
- Mark

"I placed an order today with a gentlemen who was absolutely wonderful. He was very helpful with all my questions. It was my first time ordering. There are not to many companys that don't throw in all sorts of extra charges with an order and I would like to thank you for that. I'm looking forward to my order tomorrow. Thanks again"
- Paul

"We’ve spoken a few times and I must admit that Bluezoo is a very impressive company. The information and service that you have provided me in the past few weeks has been ridiculously effective. Thumbs up…and I look forward to doing lots of business with you."
- Jon-Paul

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment last Friday. I have been in the aquarium hobby for 15+ years and have received many shipments of livestock over those years. I must say that yours has to be the best packaged that I have ever received. The livestock quality is superb as well. "
Thanks Again,
- Darrin

"Just wanted to let you know that the corals arrived fine and that the large pick acro is incredible. I placed it where it will get quite a bit of water flow and light. The neon green coral I’m sure will be nice as well once it gets happy but the pink coral is great and I assume it will get some light blue tips.

I have been a Live Aquaria customer for years and what I got yesterday from you is nicer than anything I have ever received from them.

Just thought you would want to know. By the way, I found your web site on clamsdirect."
- Gary

"I spoke to a person named Mark on Monday. I received the Achilles and Bariene tangs and they are perfect size and are doing well so far. I just want to coment on how professional Blue Zoo Aquatics is. It was great talking to Mark as he was very knowledgable. The Packing was first class especially with the extras that were packed along with the fish. Your web site is excellent. Anyway, I'm hooked on Blue."
- Ed

Hey Guys,
"I just want to tell you my Moray arrived safe and sound and looks to be in good condition. He actually ate three silversides the first day. The box and packaging were great and he seemed to ship really well. Thanks again."
- Todd

Gentlemen and Ladies:
"The nine specimens I received yesterday were stunningly beautiful and in perfect health. Within minutes of placement into their new home, polyps were extended. The packing as well was first rate.

I will have to thank Barry at Clams Direct for the referral. All but three of the clams in the system came from him (nine so far and awaiting a large gigas)."
- Sam

Hello Blue Zoo,
"You guys by far have the very best shipping techniques and acclimation package that I have seen. The fish and corals are always more than what you expect instead of the opposite which is usually what I experience with online companies. I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for saltwater products. I can't wait to see what is posted on the collector's wysiwyg page every day. Thanks again for such wonderful products and service."
- Heather

"Just wanted to say WOW! and Thank You! I have ordered from several companies in the past, and the size selection I have received today from you is awesome. Very impressed. Everything has been acclimated and is in the tank. I just have to wait to see them open up. Looking forward to seeing all the new colors."
Best Regards,
- Malisa

"I have been involved in this hobby for 22 years and have come to value customer service as much as quality in the fish and corals. I was a long time customer of Reefer Madness and in particular Kris Wray and was saddened to see the end of it. It was hard to find another company as professional as Reefer Madness was. I was extermely happy to see that Kris Wray found a home at Blue Zoo Aquatics. I have looked but have not made a purchase from them until now. It was a pleasure to speak with Kris and the staff at Blue Zoo. My corals were packed as professional as they come. The colors and the description and quality of the pieces were dead on. That was something that alot of us reefers had grown accustomed to from Reefer Madness. It has been extremely difficult to find a vendor who shows the animals exactly as they are. The prices are by far the best i have found. All i can say is with the addition of Kris to the team i am a very satisfied customer for a long time to come."
- Ken

Blue Zoo,
" I just wanted to pass along my thanks for the fantastic fish/snails/crabs that we purchased from your company.

The acclimation went perfect and everything is doing fantastic.

My wife’s reaction was like a kid at Christmas and she is very very pleased. I wanted to take her to dinner tonight and she said you know what I really want to do? Stay home and watch my fish. I just wanted to thank you for making her week. Being a nurse she really needs moments like this.

We will be coming to you in the future and will pass on your company name to others we know with reef systems.

Please pass this along to everyone involved in our order.

Thank You Very Much"
- Dennis

"Hi. I recently ordered from you. I just wanted to say that I was very impressed and will do business again soon, thanks!"
- Craig

"I want to thank you for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL rose anemone you shipped me! It was stunning, and even after being shipped, it looked unbelievably beautiful in the bag! Since receiving it, it has already split once, giving me a sweet, healthy baby. They both eat well and are doing wonderfully. Thank you for your excellent selection and choice!"
- Char

"I have ordered from Blue Zoo four times and have never been disappointed. Even though I have come to expect you to exceed my expectations, you usually do it anyway. Your livestock all-around is phenomenal! Anyone that is looking at ordering from the Doctors or anywhere else should think twice, Blue Zoo has the best stuff hands down and their prices are cheap for what you get. I would recommend Blue Zoo to any of my friends looking to add to their saltwater aquariums because you always are sure that you will get great items whether it be fish, coral, or supplies. Thanks BZ!!!"
- Alan

MARK and Associates:
"EVERYTHING was fantastic and has acclimated well. As usual Mark you and your staff have out done themselves in picking, packing and caring for your products. The quality of the animals reflects this and as I have read some of the other comments from other customers, my praises and opinions of Blue Zoo's products are not unfounded. The size and beauty of the long tentacle anemone blew me away and it has become the center piece since it found its niche in the open cave at the center, floor of the tank. Guess any further praises or accolades will just make your heads swell (big smile I see) so give your team my thanks and appreciation."
- Brian

Blue Zoo,
"...Received my first order from Blue Zoo Aquatics this morning. Just wanted to say ...great site, great fish, great service, great packing ...everything exceeded my expectations! Your commitment to perfection is evident in every facet of the customer's experience ...much t'anks to all : ) ...looking forward to my next purchase.

- David

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the complete order, From easy payment with Paypal, To your shipping, I know most clownfish aren't shipper freindly but the order was recived this morning and the clownfish looked great upon arrival.
Very impressed with your acclimation kit, stress Guard and food sample that was included with the order. I've ordered fish from other online companys who only cared about the sale and not the fish. I've vowed to not buy anymore mail order clownfish, (once bitten, twice shy).
But I'm so impressed with Blue Zoo Aquatics that I will definitely order from you again."
- Michael

"I just came upon your website and am thoroughly impressed with the selection you have available! I purchased what i now to believe a talbots damselfish from a local store when i first started out a year and a half ago, but was told that he was a two tone damsel. After I lost the fish I have been searching for the past 2 weeks online and came upon your site, and imagine my surprise when there it was! Again, very impressed, and have already added your website to my bookmark folder for future purchases."
- Kristina

"Just a little first time buyer customer feedback. I have always been a little apprihensive of on line ordering versus buying at my local retail store. I have had mixed results from various on line suppliers in the past, but I must say I am impressed. Quality of the my items were excellent.

I will be buying more soon."
- Greg

Hello BlueZoo,
"I just wanted to thanks for the shipment and live arrival of my newest Nano tank member my Flaming Prawn Goby. He arrived well packed and quite alive. I acclimated him as directed and then released him on the bottom of my tank. He is in a 30 gallon reef tank with two Perculas, a Coral Banded Shrimp and several hermits and snails. I caught a glimpse of him on Tuesday as he is secretive."
- Connie

"Thanks blue zoo I received my 1st Internet order today. No DOA's so I am very happy. I bought a Melanurus wrasse and 7 camel shrimps (monti eating nudi issue) and all are doing just fine. The packaging was very good and the temp was something I was worried about but you covered that with heat packs. The wrasse even had its color right out of the box!! He is very active and already picking off rocks. Needless to say I will be doing future ordering now that I live in the sticks!! Thanks."
- Greg

"Hey Blue Zoo! I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and everything seems to be acclimating well! My clowns are already loving the Bubble Tip anenome. Thanks again! I'll definately keep you in mind for any future aquarium upgrades."
- Colton

"Hi - Just a note to let you know how pleased I was with the worm rock in my most recent order. It has taken off in the reef tank and has shown a rainbow of colors! Love the free shipping offer. Thanks again."
- Jan

"Thank you so much for the beautiful corals I received yesterday ( torch coral, umbrella leather ). They arrived in great shape and acclimated wonderfully. I followed your acclimation guide to the letter and both opened fully within an hour after placing in the tank. Not only are they gorgeous specimens, they were also much larger than I had anticipated. I have always gotten my money’s worth with you guys! Thank you again….I will be placing many more orders!!"
- Janet

"Just wanted to say thank you!!! Everything arrived in perfect condition. I got the package within the expected time & I can't get over that the shipping was free. I'm really glad I found your website because I've been wanting to order things that I can't get at my LFS but the shipping costs always stopped me so this was great!! And the free zoo's are very nice too!! Thanks again."
- Ann Marie

"Received my order at the expected delivery time. Specimens were in excellent condition. Fish and invertebrates acclimated well and are happy in my aquarium. Thanks for the tubing for acclimation drips—It’s much nicer than the tubing I’ve been using, and the price was right! I’m a very satisfied customer."
- Ralph

"Thanx alot, great service and quality shipping also. Keep it up :)"
- Emo

"I received my order in excellent condition once again. The black cap basslett is beautiful. I think he will do just fine. Thanks very much!"
- Melinda

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything. I found your website a couple of months ago. Since then I have ordered from you several times. On approximately half of the orders, I have called in the next day to make changes to the order. Without exception, on every change, your staff has alway accommodated me. I have asked many questions of your staff. They have always taken the time to answer each question without making me feel rushed.
The quality of the product I have received from you, is without question some of the best product available. I live in a large metropolitan area, that has many specialty reef stores available to myself. None of which has provided myself with the quality of corals I have been provided by your online store. Each item I have received from you has been packed beautifully. The one time Fedex screwed up with delivery, and some inverts arrived dead, you quickly credited my account.
Again, I just want to thank you and assure you and anyone else who may be thinking of ordering from you, that you provide fantastic service and quality of product. And I assure you that I will be using your web store many, many more times."
- Melvin

"Thanks to blue zoo I was able to purchase with confidence. Great info on livestock, diets and compatibilities. Shipping & product prices are great! Cant wait until my next purchase."
- Charlie

Hello Mark,
"It’s been a little over a year since I first contacted you, you cannot imagine the amount of help you have been; I can only say that I probably would have given up on my Aquarium if not for your help.

Thanks is not enough!"
- Rodney

"I am very impressed with the order. It arrived in great shape, and everything looks perfect. Thanks. I will be a repeat customer!"
- Debby

Dear BZA,
"Just got my order everything was alive and well used the acclimation kit which is an awesome addition to the order everything is good and I can't wait to order again from you guys."
Thanks so much,
- Lance

"To all the staff at Bluezooaquatics thanks for the great personnel customer service and great preparations of the fish and corals ordered for shipping. Each item was placed in single bags and securely place in the shipping container. All of the corals and fish arrived in excellent shape and are doing well."
- Roger

"Wanted to say thanks for the care and handling of my purchased order the anemone and coco worm are settling into their new environment without a problem, worm was out this morning and anemone is at full bloom."
Thank You,
- Walter

"Mark thanks for your help. For a beginner saltwater enthusiast I want to thank you, Dennis and Mike for all the correspondence in helping me understand and teaching me the whole reef concept and for your great news letters. It's been a pleasure to do business with those that know what they are talking about."
- Barry

"Just thought I'd let you know I received my order this morning. The package arrived in great shape! I acclimated the fish and he's doing great, already swimming around and checking things out! Thanks for the free zoas."
Take Care,
- Gerard

"Thanks for the great coral! The brain coral is absolutely amazing. The zoos have all opened up and their colors are fantastic! Thanks again!!!"
- Robert

To Mike and all the other Folks at Bluezooaquatics that helped me out with my order,
"I just wanted to say thank you! I received my order today and everything was just awesome. The fish are healthy and happy, the corals are big and beautiful, and the package arrived right as scheduled. Best of all, your items are at such a huge savings! I really love supporting my local fish shop, but I just can't justify spending all that extra money there when you clearly have superb selection at unbeatable prices. Thanks again so much!"
Greatly Appreciated,
- Tim

"Just a note to let you know how impressed I was with the order! It was well packed(great acclimation kit), and all items were nice and healthy. Everything is acclimated and I shall try the food sample tomorrow.

Thanks again - You've made a new customer."
- Janet

"Just wanted to say thanks for (another) packing job well done! Due to nasty weather last night, FedEx planes were late getting in the air, which created lag times all the way down the line. I normally get FedEx deliveries between 10:15 and 10:30 a.m., but didn't get this one 'til 1:11 p.m. Even so, everyone arrived hale and hearty...no sluggishness or other evidence of stress. In fact, everyone *demanded* I give them a snack (Blue Zoo Mix, of course) while they finished their acclimation!

You've outdone yourselves on this shipment!"
- Sharyn

"First off I just want to say that you guys are way above the rest in this industry. The reason for this email is because a couple weeks ago I ordered a few inverts and of course received a sample of Blue Zoo Mix. I have 2 Clowns and 2 blue/green reef chromis and they go insane for the stuff. Also my onyx nassarius and dwarf yellow tip hermit seem to enjoy it as well. My question is how can I purchase a larger container of this? If available let me know the different sizes and prices available and how much shipping would be."
- Cris

"Hi Mark thanx so much for all the cool inverts Really great job on packing them best I ever seen. I had a billion small bags but it was nice that each animal had its own bag. one of the porcelan crabs shead so I was surprized when I opened the bag. Well so far it took me for ever to acclimate but I did it, and took my time, every invert I acclimated is fine. They even started eating right off the bat which is cool. All in all im 1000000000000% happy about my order thanx for chatting on the phone with me and carring for the inverts. I will deffenatly order again especially if u can get me some rare small inverts. Thanx again for your hard work."
- Adam

"Gentlemen, After a Fed EX SNAFU,the fish arrived. They were all very healthy because of your excellent packing. They were acclimated,placed in tank and are doing very well. The fish are beautiful,have vibrant colors and I appreciate the larger sizes you sent. Also, thank you for your concern and notifying Fed Ex to re-deliver(although "indirect signaure" was shown on the Fed Ex tracking order). Each of you is very professional and courteous```I continue to be extremely satisfied with Bluezooaquatics' marine fish and its customer service."
- John

"Thank you so much for my order. All 10 of my critters are absolutely beautiful and healthy. Everybody is acclimated and doing great!!!"
- Kellie

"Amazing I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your store! Honestly, when I saw your prices, specially the livestock's, I thought they'd be skimpy, but they weren't at all. I am so happy with this order and how it was packed and the quality. EVERYTHING IS ALIVE AND THRIVING! Thank You Very Much, I Will No Longer Buy Anywhere Else But Here! Once Again Thanks for Being the BEST! Till Next Time (Soon)"
- Jeff

Hi Mark,
"I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful quality of the specimens you shipped. I've never seen a Moorish Idol that small, but it is exactly what I hoped for. The Trigger is a perfect size, also. You are my new preferred source for saltwater livestock!"
- Doug

"Wanted to let y'all know how pleased I am with this order (my second). The Potter's Leopard Wrasse was a bit shocky during acclimation, but came to life the instant it was released and is now industriously chowing down on 'pods. Everyone else is settling in well, too. The Singapore Angel surprised me by coming out in the open within a few hours of release, as I've read they can be terribly shy and reclusive for quite some time. The Herald's Angel is all over the tank, bold as brass. The 3 Sexy Shrimp and 2 Ocellaris in the nano tank act like they were born there; the shrimp in particular are a delight to watch.

All the critters are healthy, in excellent color, and appear to be quite content in their new surroundings. I must say that the water in which they were shipped is the cleanest, clearest I've seen in well over a dozen live stock shipments over the past year.

Kudos to all involved in the care, management and shipping of these vibrant creatures! "
- Sharyn

Blue Zoo Aquatics,
"I wanted you to know that the order arrived alive and the acclimation was perfect. You are a welcome addition to the Marine aquatic trade & your shipping system is pure science. Thanks for a phenomenal shipment."
- Patrick

Dear sirs,
"I received my order on Jan 27, 2008 and I want to thank you for excellent customer service, packaging and shipping. My little scopas tang is just such a beautiful, active, healthy fish. We enjoy him so much. The snails are also healthy and between the snails and the Tang our algae was gone in two days! I have had to buy some seaweed selects and fresh caleurpa to feed them. Thank you."
- Kathleen

"I just wanted to say thank you for my recent order. I was very impressed with the packaging. My beautiful fish is very healthy and happy. I could not be more pleased. The care package you included is a nice touch. It is very obvious you care about your products as well as your customer.
I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know I will not hesitate to purchase from your store again as well as tell all my friends about the fantastic experience."
Thank you again,
- Tim

Hey Mike,
"Hopefully this gets to you! I received my Purple tang today and put it in my tank and he has been swimming around for a few hours. He looks wonderful and everyone at work will be very jealous!!! Thanks again, look forward to ordering again when you get that small zebra moray eel in."
- Devon

"Received my order today and was pleased. The cleanup crew was a great mix of snails and hermits, and the little mithrix looked in great shape. The halmeda plant is beautiful and full. Last but not least the little bubble tip was alot smaller than I realized but looks very healthy.
I havent seen this color variation before but looks cool. All have acclimated well and are doing their thing.

Thanks for Your Service. I will be purchasing from you all again."
Wonderful Experience,
- Bob

"I am very impressed with your company! I received excellent customer service from “real people” that actually enjoyed their jobs and were very knowledgeable of this great hobby of mine and many other folks!

All of my animals arrived in great health with the exception of a single nass snail- that’s great shipping on superior livestock. All the fish received were nice and healthy, none were skinny! As, I have received livestock from other companies that were thin as a rail and needed a lot of TLC to nurse them back hoping they would live. I quarantined the animals upon receiving. Today, I released all into their tanks and they are dong well!

hanks so much for your time and effort. It is much appreciated. I will stick with you guys since you’re the BEST!"
- Aleesa

"Thank you for your excellent service and care in packing with my order. This is the first time I have ordered livestock online and the experience was first class. Everything has gone well and everyone appears to have acclimated well. I will definitely do more business with you in the future. Thanks again."
- James

"My shipment of critters arrived just a few minutes ago packed beautifully as always. While they are slowly acclimating I just wanted to say thank you. You went above and beyond to check our weather status here in Chicago. The decision to hold the order because of an impending ice storm was really wonderful. Thank you so much for your care and attention to insure that everyone arrived happy and healthy. I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

Thank you so very much."
- Katt and the critters

"My name is Charles, and I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!"
- Charles

"The Golden Angel arrived in excellent shape. I have ordered a number of live aquarium items from distant shops. This is the first time I have had an item delivered this way. No wonder items from other stores have not survived the trip, or arrived with stress showing; fungus, spots, parasites, torn or fungused fins. This item was well packaged, with multiple layers, a large layered bag, plenty of heat pads, and a very nice and well explained acclimation package. Excellent job!!! It is well worth the money buying live items from you. I have a 10 year old very healthy aquarium with very expensive fish. I am sure we will be doing more business in the future.. Thanks."
- Harold

"I just want to thank you for the WONDERFUL fish you sent me. The male Tricolor anthias is gorgeus and the seagrass wrasse is spectacular ( I hope he won't turn black).
It is good to know that you finally have someone to trust in this mail order biz. YOU ROCK."
- Mario

All at BlueZooAquatics,
"I am writing to say thank you for the healthy fish. I am currently in Iraq and wanted to buy my stepson a birthday gift (not sure how it would work out). Your staff was extremely helpful ensuring your fish transfer into our fish. It was refreshing, for me, to hear about your dedicated customer service department. Often times when purchasing items via the web, you click away your information, and hope you receive the goods you saw. You delivered.

I thank you and so does my Stepson. In fact, this is what he wrote to me, "I almost died when I saw the trigger fish! He's soooooooo cool!" (He loved the others too)"
Thanks again,
- Michael

"I got these two fish right on time yesterday and they're magnificent. Not a tiny speck of anything, perfect fins, outstanding color and they acclimated easily. Both are already eating like they've been here for weeks. I really appreciate the time and patience you took to make sure I got just what I wanted; not just what was available. My last (yeah, right!) tank is being picked up next week and I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of business together. Its great to find people who can still take the time to help in this amazing online world . Thanks!"
- Steve

"Thanks guys for the great service and critters. This was my second great order from you guys. Will be back for more."
- Mike

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. My new latz, Gladys, arrived right on time yesterday and had a great acclimation to the tank. I could tell how low you keep your saltwater just by seeing mine drip into it! It felt like an eternity but finally she was ready to go into the tank. I am ecstatic and elated to have such a graceful and beautiful clownfish in my tank. You really made my day, thanks again!"
- Christie

"I just got my order of a purple LTA and wow. It looks very healthy..well just like the other inverts I ordered. I am acclimating it right now. Its mouth is completely shut and it looks great. Thank you!"
- Christina

"WOW, I have been buying online the many years. The Chevron Tang and the Yellow Assessor I got from you came out of their bags as healthy and happy as could be. They did not seem to have ANY stress at all. The Zooanthids are far and away the best I have got anywhere. The Blue Zoo Food Mix is a hit with all my fish. I have never received an acclimation kit before. Very helpful.

Thank you so much!! Can't wait be purchase from you again."
- Brian

"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service and great-looking animals I recieved today. After an afternoon of acclimation everyone is doing wonderful and seems very happy. My Hippo Tang is already eating like a pig. Also the care package was very helpful and a nice touch to the order. Thanks again to the helpful guys that answered the phone when I called, ordering from you guys was easy, fast and I got exactly what I wanted to recieve. I look forward to ordering again very soon. "
- Angela

"I just wanted to drop you a line regarding my order from last week. You totally surpassed my expectations! Perfectly packed, and all the livestock (including every single snail) arrived healthy and in great shape. Plus, the sample of Blue Zoo food and the acclimation kit were great extras!

Thanks again for the order and the great service, and i'll definitely be doing business with Blue Zoo again!"
- Brian

"I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service! I spoke with Mike over the phone and through email and he was very helpful. My order arrived on time and was beautiful! The new website looks great, THANKS! "
- Kathleen

"Doing business with you has been an excellent experience. The animal is in wonderful condition, was shipped/packaged with care, and your customer service has been excellent! I look forward to doing business with you again."
- Tim

"Just one last thanks! Everything arrived in good health and all the fish have shown an interest in food. Actually, they're gorging themselves, which I'm not upset about! "
- Chris

"I just received my order and wanted to say—lovely! The care kit is a nice touch."
- Teri

"I just wanted to let you know the clown pair arrived in great shape. You guys are first class all the way around! Quality livestock, quality packing, and quality service. I wish you tremendous success, you guys certainly deserve it, as is evident by all the care and attention you give to customers and their orders. I look forward to my next purchase of clowns from Blue Zoo Aquatics! "
- Steve

"My order arrived just before noon on 04/07 just as (you) said it would. The Mantis was in great shape and your acclimation kit really helped. I couldn't believe how bullet proof your packing was. I received lots of live stock, but your packing was the best. I want to thank the staff at Blue Zoo as well as Mark for making my first purchase with you 5 star experience."
- Lee

"Got the chaeto cheato today! Thanks for the great service and follow up. It doesn't happen a lot now a days you know!!!!!"
- Vicki

Hi Guys,
"I just want to thank you all because I am extremely happy with my Lion Fish is just beautiful."
- Alberto

"Just a quick note, I got the naso tang and jaw fish last Thursday. They are awesome looking. The naso is eating like a pig, looks very healthy...thank you. The little jaw fish is finally coming out and being social, yesterday I finally seen him eat, and he is normally out now looking around. Thanks for the great looking fish."
- Donna

"I wanted to let you know I got my order and am 100% satisfied with it. The fish arrived well packed and in good health.

I will be ordering from you guys in the future."
- Lance

"Many Thanks! The order arrived quickly and the livestock was in perfect condition. I’ve ordered from many online vendors but I must tell you your packing is BY FAR the best I’ve ever seen.

Thanks again!
You’ve made a repeat customer out of me!"
- Steve

"Got three outstanding fish from you guys again last Friday (Black Velvet and Coral Beauty Angels and Harlequin Tusk) to go with the Sargassum and Redtooth Triggers I got from you. Beutiful fish doing great!!"
- Kirk

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor and ARM Media. Everything looks great! I can’t wait to set this up!!!

Thank you very much! This is my 4th or 5th order with you and I have been very satisfied so far! I will be recommending you to my fellow reefers at the Delaware Valley Reef Club (www.delvalreefclub.org)"
Best Regards,
- Derek
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